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What is Art of Working?

Art of Working is an online community filled with passionate professionals who are keen to excel in life (professionally and personally) and is supported by thought leaders who share their wisdom and expertise through video tutorials, blogs, white papers, webinars and so much more.


Inside Art of Working

There is no fee to join the community. Once you join the community you will get immediate access to Premium Membership which includes access to all digital content, downloads and community. You would also get exclusive training and 1:1 interaction offers/opportunity with the thought leaders.


About Sapience

Sapience Analytics, is a leading People Analytics solution company whose mission is to help people achieve work-life balance. Sapience was founded with a vision to transform people, processes, and productivity. Sapience is weaving success stories across 70 enterprises and over 100,000 users in 13 countries. With Sapience Individuals gain complete control of their digital work life and can make constructive changes towards self-improvement and professional excellence. Every change begins with measurement and a plan for every individual. Sapience insights make the journey of self-improvement enjoyable. You can gain deep insights into your work habits, allowing you to set goals mindfully and with purpose, on your own terms.

We've brought together the world’s leading thought leaders to help us deep dive into myriad of topics in order to master this art called ‘working’.

We encourage you to sign up to access this amazing store of transformational material to help you face up to your time management and personal productivity issues.

Join us to master the art called 'Working'

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