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Employee Engagement

Expert Dialogues with Julie Winkle [Premium]

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 2360 Views,    24  Nov  2015 ,
Published In  Employee Engagement
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Given the challenges organizations face in keeping their employees engaged and productive they can use all the help that is available. With that in mind there are few more insightful voices around than Julie Winkle Giulioni. Julie introduces herself as an Instructional designer, learning strategist, owner of “Design Arounds”, an e-learning and training consulting firm, and co-author of “Help them grow or watch them go”. She consults with a variety of organizations on issues related to improving results. In this interview we took this opportunity to pick her brains about issues related to employee engagement.

Viewing the interview will help you get a picture of the state of employee engagement today across organizations and of the current challenges. Julie shares some wisdom on how organizations can create a culture that promotes focused/engaged teams? She also touches upon the concept of Mindfulness at work and specifically on the role that the individual employee’s focus could play in employee engagement. In one of the most revealing parts of the conversation she shares her own productivity hacks and the results of an informal survey she did among her peers on what they do to stay focused – the results may or may not surprise you but they sure will enlighten you.

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